Being brave is something I always aspired to. Being brave for me was being the best version in myself. Being brave was never about running in a cage full of lions, sky diving or climbing a mountain in zero degrees.
Being brave for me was taking the first step of acknowledgement to the fact that I am worthy and I matter.
Being brave for me was the first time I had a peace of pie without throwing it up, the first time I allowed myself to look in the mirror completely naked, the first time I had sex with the lights on, the first time I let myself fall in love and feel that I deserved love back.
Being brave for me is about the little things I do everyday to step out of my comfort Zone and confront my fears. It's asking for a raise when I've earned one, it's not letting anyone talk down to me, it's not keeping quiet and causing a damn huge scene when an asshole in the street decides it's a good idea to grab my butt or touch me. It's telling people without shame the things I went through, it's believing.
It's believing every day that I was born for greatness, not cause I'm special or different, but because I can. Because I have the tools, the opportunity and I'm alive and able.
Bravery comes in many forms, you can never know what someone else sees as Bravery, but you can try to do one little brave thing for yourself, every once in a while, go talk to that cute girl in the coffee shop that smiled at you, go to the beach with your dream suit even if it's not your dream body yet, wear that crazy tshirt, get the tattoo you wanted, answer back to that bully or to the sexist ass from your office, go to a class you are afraid to start, take on a hobby you are afraid you are not talented enough for. Be who you wanna be, and be bold. You deserve it, we all do.

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