I used to judge people. All the time. Inflicted all the judgment I was feeling on others. Oh how I judged. I thought everyone can do something different to better themselves, I didn't understand how people don't obey to the beauty standers that I was hiding behind.
And I was literally hiding. I thought no one my size needs to be seen, so I wore all black, all the time.
To the beach I used to wear mans shorts and t-shirt and I weight about 30 pounds less than today.
I was so ashamed of everything I am so I was sure people need to be ashamed also, and secretly behind all judgment, I was my own worst judge.
I have come to learn that in real life there's no room for it. Real life is a variety, it's people from all over the world, it's cultures, it's colors, it's the beauty in the difference in all of us. It's being able to do what ever you want, be who ever you think you need to be, and as long as you are not hurting anyone, wear your skin the way you want.
It's miraculous how once I stopped judging others, I started appreciating myself.
and once I learned that I kinda like the skin I'm in, I stopped feeling so judgmental.
So go ahead, judge if you want, I know where you are coming from m, I am aware of the reasons your mind goes to that place, I know the discomfort of seeing someone different and far from what you are used too, and I also know that your opinion about me doesn't matter and it doesn't change a thing. And it's gonna be fine, once you start giving yourself credit and appreciation and stop looking for outlets outside

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